Shari Lampugnale

Just had to tell you that Eve just talked my ear off for the entire 20 minute drive home about tap. She was talking about all the new steps she is learning–which sounded like giberish to me–and about how much she loves the dance!

She reminded me that she is getting her 15 year trophy this year, which is crazy to me! She was just a baby when she started. I was telling her that she was still in diapers when she started and I would pray she wouldn’t have an accident in class–she thought that was pretty funny. She still remembers getting the stamp on her hand at the end of class! She is hoping to have a tap dancer on her trophy–I told her I wasn’t sure if that could happen.

Anyway just wanted to thank you. You have been a very positive influence in her life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shari Lampugnale