Class schedule for 2017-2018


  • 4:15 – Pre-School
  • 5:00 – Primary
  • 6:00 – Pre-School
  • 7:00 – Adult Tap I & II
  • 8:15 – Adult Cardio Hip Hop


  • 4:30 – Pre-School
  • 5:15 – Beginner Tap
  • 6:00 -“Boys Only” Hip Hop
  • 6:45 – Contemporary
  • 7:30 – Advanced Acro-Gymnastics


  • 5:00 – Advanced Tap
  • 5:45 – Junior Street Jazz/Hip Hop
  • 6:30 – Junior/Senior Ballet
  • 7:30 – Senior Street Jazz/Hip Hop
  • 8:15 – Senior Tap


  • 4:30 – Ballet I & II
  • 5:15 – Primary/Beginner Tap
  • 6:15 – Pre-School
  • 7:00 – Hip Hop I & II
  • 7:45 – Intermediate Tap I
  • 8:30 – Intermediate Hip Hop


  • 9:30 – Pre-School
  • 10:15 – Beginner & Intermediate Acro-Gymnastics
  • 11:00 – Advanced Beginner Tap
  • 11:45 – Hip Hop I & II
  • 12:30 – Intermediate Tap II
  • 1:15 – Advanced Hip Hop
  • 2:00 – Intermediate Ballet
  • 3:00 – Advanced Intermediate Tap



Our very popular summer dance experience for young children

  • 4:30 -Dress Up & Dance
  • 5:30 – Dress Up & Dance

All Classes Below Taught by Eduardo Vazquez…a 15 year veteran with Las Vegas’s Cirque Du Soleil MYSTERE!!!  We are excited about having this true professional join our staff!!  DON’T MISS THIS!!

  • 6:30 – Acro-Gymnastics
  • 7:15 – Leaps & Turns
  • 8:00- Street Jazz          


Classes Starting May 29, 2018         . Limited space  860-633-DANC (3262)

Additional Classes Offered – Summer Only

Dress Up & Dance – Pre-School, kindergarten & first grade
If you want your child to feel like a princess, then this is the class for her. The fun of it is dress up, dress up and more dress up with costumes we provide from our treasure chests…but only after they’ve recited the magical chant that allows it to be opened. We then perform dances and skits appropriate for their attire. It is like going to a theme party each week. Very unstructured, half dance, half play, with encouragement for interpretation and improvisation. It is a very hands-on type program with many props such as decorative tutus, tiaras, wands, butterfly wings, bubbles, parachutes, hula hoops and gymnastic equipment. Best of all is our fancy lighting including stars, disco balls and a spotlight for those solo performances. Themes have included the New York City Ballet, Hawaiian vacation, beach, circus, and zoo. “Please” and “thank you” and politeness to others is rewarded. Children must practice good restaurant etiquette as they are offered a snack mid class while a story is read illustrating some of the ballet steps that will be taught. Each class concludes with an opportunity for each child to perform in the spotlight with her classmates looking on as they applaud eachother. This fun, creative and informal approach to learning social skills is just perfect to develop confident little actresses. Costumes for their reverence each week come from our menagerie of adorable recital costumes. Classes are an hour and run for 7 weeks with an open house presentation using our costumes on the final week. Believe me, your little girls will be on cloud nine. There will also be a “Bring-a-Friend” week. Each participant receives a Dress Up & Dance souvenir after their final bow. This program has gotten rave reviews from parents & children alike. Don’t miss out. Check schedules posted for available options. Tights, leotards & ballet shoes required. We also offer Dress Up & Dance birthday parties during the summer months only.

Ballet Thru The Alphabet – Should be at least entering 1st grade (will accept kindergartners if room)
Twister Hip Hop – Should be at least entering 2nd grade (will accept 1st graders if room)
Pointe – At Miss Bambi’s discretion