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welcome togreater hartford dance academy

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Our objective is not only to teach dance, but to build character and perseverance,instill positive self esteem, earn respect, and teach life lessons that will have value beyond dance and will influence each child to become the best they can be.

Kids who dance…Proud, Focused, Committed, Inspired, Passionate, Accepting, Healthy, Smart, Confident…What more could a parent ask for?


  • Miss Bambi, Sophia had a wonderful time in class!! She honestly was so sad to leave. She absolutely enjoys dancing so much. I was so impressed with everything upon our arrival. Between your amazing staff, the set up of the academy and the positive energy- I can tell that we made the right decision to switch dance schools. Thank you so much for everything!! We look forward to watching Sophia grow weekly!  Thank you so much!

    Christina Cicero
  • I can’t even put into words how I feel. Meadow would not be the dancer she is without you and your staff.   Meadow looks up to you more than anyone in her life. She wants to be just like you. Thank you for being such a positive role model in her life. Great job! This year the show was amazing. My family and friends had a great time. ~~~~~~~~~~~Shannon Williams

    Shannon Williams
  • Bella has really thrived in your classes. She has gained so much more self- confidence from her experience in acro and I believe that has crossed over into her confidence in her academics, too. Thanks to you and your team for your excellent instruction but also for the real commitment and dedication you give to the kids! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Maria Carl

    Maria Carl
  • Thank you for providing such a wonderful dance experience for Hanna. The staff is so gentle and kind to the children. Dance has definitely helped in building Hanna’s self-confidence and has helped in building the foundation for a positive body image. Thank you for all you’ve done to make the recital spectacular.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~Trish Churchill

    Trish Churchill
  • Thank you and congratulations on another outstanding show!! Again, you and your staff went above and beyond to create a magical experience for the children, teens and adults in your studio. I know Danielle is extremely lucky to have been part of such a wonderful program. Your hard work and dedication in instilling the love of dance into so many is truly a gift. The show was fun, beautiful and very entertaining. It has been an amazing journey for me to watch Danielle grow and mature with your strong influence and guidance. I will always be grateful for the many things you have taught her that go beyond dance. Thank you for taking her beneath your wings. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the GHDA family. Please don’t ever stop…THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

    Donna Donnelli
  • You are more than a teacher. You are a great mentor and role model. Thank you for the great work you do and the huge impact you make in everyone’s lives. Thank you for really caring about us and knowing when something is wrong. The best thing about having you is that we all benefit from what you give us for the rest of our lives. We love you! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Kim Clark

    Kim Clark
  • Thank you so much for the observation day. It was so fun, cute and amazing how much the girls have learned and I’m so impressed with all that you do. Maryn has learned more in these last few months than she did during a whole year at her previous school and she’s loving it. She starts asking me on Monday morning whether it’s Friday and if she gets to go to dance class and continues to ask me all week. Then on Friday she skips around the house telling everyone that it’s her dance day. She loves it and loves you. Thank you for providing such a wonderful, educational and nurturing environment for my daughter.

    Alicia Yost
  • I was just thinking about writing you an email and then I saw yours come in.  Please don’t forget how many lives you’ve impacted in those 40 years.  Coming back to GHDA felt like coming home and I am so thankful to have had you as a role model.  Everything I know about hard work came from dance class and you.  I even got a promotion this week as a result of that hard work! ~~~~~~~~~~~Paula Welch

    Paula Welch
  • My mom enrolled me at GHDA before I could even talk. I literally don’t remember life before GHDA! I have been dancing here for 19 years, and the older I get the more I realize what a positive role it has played in my life. Not only is it great exercise and a lot of fun, but you learn about discipline, commitment, and many important life lessons. My experiences here have been priceless and I will definitely send my future children to GHDA.

    Nicole DiCicco
  • The simple words of “thank you” are not enough to truly thank you for all you have taught me over the last 17 years. From the little girl who would cry every Saturday morning, you have turned me into the student who loves being at the studio. I am so grateful that you allowed me to be one of your assistants. I loved working with all of the students. You are an amazing woman who I am glad to call my dance teacher. I feel like you are more of a family member to me rather than just a dance teacher. Thank you for the best 17 years of my life. I will be back again to dance after college.

    Danielle Draeger
  • I want to let you know that Gianna had a WONDERFUL time dancing for you! She always looked forward to dance class and always wanted to do her best. I want to thank you for welcoming her into your studio the way you did and making her feel like she has been dancing there for 10 years!!! You always put HER best interests at heart and even with all the students you have to worry about, made sure that she was happy and placed in the proper class. You helped her to challenge herself and you made her very proud of her accomplishments this year! NEVER did she feel uncomfortable or treated any different than your veteran dancers. I also want to thank your assistants. Gianna loved them all!! She is excited to return next year and we thank you for making dance a wonderful part of Gianna’s life again.

    Bobbi Pellegatto
  • Well, you pulled it off again. What a great show and a good time had by all. My family and friends enjoyed another great production!!! Although most do not know what it takes behind the scenes to create such a fantastic show, sleepless nights, constant deadlines and dealing with so many individuals, to name a few, your students, faculty and their families sure do appreciate you. Thank you for giving me a second place that I call home every week, with great people and laughter.

    Lisa Maturo
  • Thank you for all you have done for Avery, Harper and myself in our explorations of dance. Learning from you has been rewarding for all of us. The girls have gained confidence and grace and as for myself, your support this year made me feel validated and empowered. I feel like a “real dancer”! THAT is a big deal for me. So thank you! ~~~~~~~~~~~Jean Skeels

    Jean Skeels
  • I love teaching and dancing and learning from you. I admire your strength as a person and a director. I have learned so much from you as a dancer and as a person.  I look forward to many more years with you.

    Kelsey Fitzsimmons
  • My deepest thanks for keeping Nicole on “her toes” these past 20 years! Without a doubt, you are the best!!   What a role model you have been for my daughter all these years. Promise me you’ll teach our granddaughters as well!! ~~~~~~~~Lenore Trifiro

    Lenore Trifiro
  • Another show and, Bambi, what an amazing job you have done with our kids. Just in case no one has said it….thank you. It is not easy being you and I know this show has taken a lot out of you. You give a lot of yourself to your students and it shows. You are a really special dance teacher. You cannot say that for all dance teachers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Karen Midura


    Karen Midura
  • Wanted to congratulate you on another great show. Once again you impressed  New Yorkers which is always hard to do! The choreography and costumes were excellent as usual. The show was awesome and I know it was a ton of work but it shows in the end. The details that go into this production are very obvious by the quality of  what is shown on the stage on the show nights. Thanks again. ~~~~~~~~~Frances Natale


    Frances Natale
  • Just had to tell you that Eve just talked my ear off for the entire 20 minute drive home about tap. She was talking about all the new steps she is learning–which sounded like giberish to me–and about how much she loves the dance!

    She reminded me that she is getting her 15 year trophy this year, which is crazy to me! She was just a baby when she started. I was telling her that she was still in diapers when she started and I would pray she wouldn’t have an accident in class–she thought that was pretty funny. She still remembers getting the stamp on her hand at the end of class! She is hoping to have a tap dancer on her trophy–I told her I wasn’t sure if that could happen.

    Anyway just wanted to thank you. You have been a very positive influence in her life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Shari Lampugnale

    Shari Lampugnale
  • The dance recital was fabulous. All of our guests were really impressed with the production, dances and costumes. They thought it was like a Broadway show, which I have said for years. Thanks for all your time, sleepless nights, and choreographing such a great night for the kids and making it a memorable event for the audience and families. ~~~~~~~~~~~Trish Lord

    Trish Lord
  • The show was awesome!!!!!!!!! The costumes were fabulous! Every class did a great job. It was the next best thing outside of Broadway! I’m so happy I was referred to your school. Pai’vahn enjoyed herself and she loved the dances. It was a great year, very overwhelming for me being that it was my first. What an experience. We will see you in September. ****FOUR STAR REVIEW**** ~~~~~~~~~~~Leslie Rosemond

    Leslie Rosemond
  • First of all, thank you for providing Emilee with such an amazing experience. It was the best experience yet for her. I can’t tell you how much myself and my family enjoyed seeing Emilee and the overall show. Emilee is still talking about it and thoroughly enjoyed every moment. The show was beyond fantastic. Again, thanks! I will be sending pictures your way. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Kara Pac

    Kara Pac
  • Thank you for another great year and an awesome show. All ten of our guests loved the show and said they were very impressed with all the performances. They commented on how classy the costumes were and how skilled your students are. So bravo to you for another top notch show. I, personally, would like to thank you for all you do and for pushing Jade to do her best.  It all pays off when I get to see the joy in her eyes when she is able to successfully complete her routine and then ask when she gets to do it again. We are already excited about what she will learn next year and my guests have made us promise to invite them back to see Jade perform in the next show!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Veron Beaulieu

    Veron Beaulieu

    Madelyn and I had such a great time last evening. The show was excellent. As a mother, I am so happy my daughter is in your school. Great job. ~~~~~~~~~~~Amy Tousignant


    Amy Tousignant
  • I just wanted to let you know that my entire guests that came to the show gave it 10 STARS!!!!!!  Also, Kayla cried when we were leaving the high school because she was sad about the show being over and not being able to see you until acro started at the end of the month. I just want to say THANK YOU for all that you do and for taking time away from your family to teach my baby girl how to DANCE. I appreciate you and all that you do. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Nikisha Nugent


    Nikisha Nugent
  • I just wanted to thank you for another amazing show!! You give all of your students something to be so proud of. My parents are telling everyone “That Miss Bambi sure knows what she is doing” and my brother and sister-in-law with their two year old daughter loved it so much they came back and watched it again on Saturday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~Eileen Shaw

    Eileen Shaw
  • Thank you for your continued support and dedication to work with Alanna. It speaks volumes about you and your studio! I appreciate the opportunity to have my children learn from such a great leader.

    Again, appreciate your time and dedication as I know you are extremely busy and this means a lot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Angela Wojcik

    Angela Wojcik
  • Thank you very much for allowing Olivia to be a part of the show this year! What a wonderful experience it was for her. She enjoyed every minute of it! We appreciate everything you do and we are looking forward to many more years ahead. Thank You! ~~~~~~~~~Patty Flint

    Patty Flint
  • Grace talks about studying dance in college. She’s no Cyd Charisse, I’ll admit, but she really loves to dance. Thanks for inspiring her to do her best! ~~~~~~~~~~~~Donna Hetzler


    Donna Hetzler

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